Pavel Marcel Guitar Player, Composer, Producer


And this was 2023.....

Thank Y'All! See you next year!D16FDFAC-76DD-4069-BE26-8B0BF23066C18434D940-91EE-4A3E-87F6-E0E5A1A094D1DAFCEBB7-9DA8-43F2-9FE9-03F05DAA2B8F_1_105_cECBFA601-1B4E-4109-99C4-CA3D08238B27

Hitting the stage in 2023

Together with my home bands Holeček & Marcel Project and Michal Prokop & Framus Five I'll meet again with my brothers from another fathers Skinny Molly! Not for the whole tour unfortunately, just Czech leg. We'll ruin some Czech stages during first 3 weeks of June, check out Live Dates!

Thank You for 2022!