Pavel Marcel Guitar Player, Composer, Producer

And this was 2023.....

Thank Y'All! See you next year!D16FDFAC-76DD-4069-BE26-8B0BF23066C18434D940-91EE-4A3E-87F6-E0E5A1A094D1DAFCEBB7-9DA8-43F2-9FE9-03F05DAA2B8F_1_105_cECBFA601-1B4E-4109-99C4-CA3D08238B27

Hitting the stage in 2023

Together with my home bands Holeček & Marcel Project and Michal Prokop & Framus Five I'll meet again with my brothers from another fathers Skinny Molly! Not for the whole tour unfortunately, just Czech leg. We'll ruin some Czech stages during first 3 weeks of June, check out Live Dates!

Thank You for 2022!


Holecek & Marcel Project

After a year of heavy touring in Czech, me and my pal Honza Holeček proudly present our new album here:

Title Small

Lockdown finally ending

After a very tough year here in Czechia, I've started a new job in Michal Prokop & Framus Five band. It's a legendary first generation rocker's band and I'm very proud to be part of it. New record is releasing right now and I can't wait to hit the stage again. Unfortunately the main reason of my presence is health issue of my friend and guru Luboš Andršt, known as the first real Czech guitarhero. I'll do my best to keep the motor running in revs, he turned up and I'll try to hit the red zone later on.
The Allman Company and Acoustic Duo is ready to go too, so don't miss our gig when you're near. I will be happy to see some old friends in new places. Take care Y'All!